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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to Order a Subway Sandwich

How to Order a Subway Sandwich

from wikiHow - The How to Manual That You Can Edit
Ordering a sandwich from Subway can be more complicated than the average person would think. There are certain steps that need to be looked at to get that perfect sub.


  1. Decide before you approach the counter what type of bread, meat, and veggie you want. Do not wait until coming to the front of the line to begin deciding. If you are unsure, allow others to order first.
  2. Ask any questions you have before beginning the order process.
  3. Tell the staff the type of bread you would like (Italian, white, wheat, honey oat, Hearty Italian(sprinkled with cornmeal) or herbs and cheese) and if you would like a six inch or footlong. Keep in mind that if you are with a friend, you can buy a footlong sub and share it and still get more than enough to eat. Also available are flatbread and salads.
  4. Tell what type of sandwich you would like. If you don't know the exact name, the staff can help determine what you want. For example you don't know the name of it, but your friend had you try a sandwich with chicken and a sweet sauce. The staff can quickly tell that you want the chicken teriyaki.
  5. Add cheese if desired. Not all Subways carry the same kinds of cheese, and some cheeses look similar, so be specific. Do not just say the white cheese as almost all Subway cheese variants are white.
  6. Decide upon warming. Would you like your sandwich placed in the oven and toasted or microwaved,(Note, Subways in the UK no longer allow the microwaving of sandwiches,only the meats) Toasting a sandwich is a good idea if it is a wet sandwich like meatballs or with a hot meat like steak or chicken. Try cold cut subs hot for a different taste.
  7. Tell the worker what type of veggies you would like on your meal. Be specific a little lettuce or a lot of pickles,.
  8. Order condiments: mayo, mustard, sweet onion sauce, etc. If you're not ordering off the menu, nothing is 'automatically' put on.
  9. Pay at the register the amount you are told. Unless the price seems very unreasonable, do not argue or comment about the price because it is preset by the computer. Unless a wrong item was rung up there is nothing a member of staff can do to change the price. However, if you wish to save money, avoid going for the combo deal. Also, you can ask for water and they will provide you with a free cup.
  10. Say thank you.


  • Be as polite as possible, for the happier the Subway employee is, the better crafted your sub will be.
  • When you have a large order, be extremely polite, especially if it is a busy time.(It's more polite to place large orders over the phone) A tip is always a very nice gesture in thanks for these big orders.
  • Subway has recently introduced an option called "The Works" which includes every veggie offered: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, pickles, red onions, green peppers, & (optional) jalapenos & banana peppers. This greatly simplifies your order if you want a lot of things, with a few exceptions. For example saying "I want the works with no pickles or hot peppers" is much quicker than saying "I want lettuce, and tomatoes, and cucumbers, and olives and-" etc.
  • If you go during off-peak times (between lunch and dinner and late evening) there are likely to be fewer employees. Therefore, if there is a big line, do not expect to be served quickly. Be nice to the employee(s) because this can be a very stressful situation for them.
  • If you go to the same store often, learn the employees' names and, if not busy, strike up a conversation with them. Friendly, repeat customers make everyone's day better, and if employees like you, they are more likely to bring specials and discounts to your attention.
  • If you think the employee did not put the proper amount of any item (especially meats or cheeses which cost extra), or if you think they are putting on too much, you should politely ask to see the chart that tells each Subway employee the standard quantities. This will better inform you for this and future orders. Each Subway store should have this chart available to the employees, but it is generally behind the counter (not in a public area) so please be polite and patient if making this request.
  • Do not be surprised if you are asked the same question about your prospective sandwich by several different employees. It is rare that the same employee completes more than two or three steps of making your sandwich before getting distracted and wandering off to do something else.


  • Many Subway restaurants do not accept coupons from other franchises. Therefore, do not be surprised when they do not accept your coupon and read it carefully before using. If you have a question, ask them before you use it.
  • Many Subways do not accept checks either so ask about this before the hassle.
  • Do not berate the staff member because they do not have an item you want. Ask to talk with the manager, he/she is the person responsible for ordering supplies and, if asked politely, might get that other kind of cheese or your favorite kind of chips for next week.
  • Do not anger the people who prepare your food. They can make your lunch very unpleasant.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ORDER WHILE TALKING ON A CELL PHONE! This is extremely rude and will almost definitely lead to your sandwich being made incorrectly.
  • Please don't call cucumbers 'cukes' or 'cucums.' Please.

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