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I remember, as a student at the Kentucky School for the Blind, that our library had tons of audio books on cassette. They weren't Talking Books necessarily, just audio books on standard cassettes. Teachers could use them in the classroom or we could come into the library and listen to them during a time when a teacher was out or we found ourselves with some extra time. I was happy to find a website with audio books for children, it reminded me of my library time at KSB.

The stories on this site were originally published in Braille and were distributed as cassettes included. They are now being released as CD's and MP3s. The site, , focuses on assisting children in coping with fundamental life skills, through entertaining audio stories. The children find the adventures filled with music and sound effects entertaining and parents love the message they send to their children.

One To Grow On audio stories are designed to be fun for children with exciting sound effects and creative storytelling. While listening, children are infused with ideas and ideals that help them cope with issues they may encounter while growing up.

All of the MP3 and CD audio stories teach important life lessons. The stories empower children with tools that help them grow their self-esteem, build strength of character and help give them the courage they need to cope in a challenging world. 

For more information, please contact:

Trenna Daniells
One To Grow On!
Phone: 800-514-6820
f: 303-816-1624
"Children love the story and Parents love the Message"


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