My Mission with a Passion

by Donna J. Jodhan

When I lost my vision a little over six years ago, I decided that I would follow through on a commitment that I made to myself up until then. A commitment that I had made to myself but never really did much about. A commitment that I made shortly after graduating from university so many years ago.

When I lost my vision, I decided that it was time to start making my commitment worth something. I decided that I would work to help ensure the future of blind and visually impaired kids. I would work with others to ensure that they could claim their rightful inheritance. I would work with others to ensure that governments and society as a whole would become more aware of the rights of blind and visually impaired persons. Too many times, both government and society fail to realize that we have rights like anyone else. That it is our God given right to be able to access any and everything that mainstream persons can access. It is definitely not a nice to have to be able to access websites and information on the Internet. No, definitely not! If the sighted world is able to access the Internet, then blind and visually impaired persons must also be given the same opportunity and ability.

As an advocate speaker, this is the message that I spread to my audiences. As a conduit for change, I am constantly telling my fellow blind and visually impaired brothers and sisters that if we do not work to ensure the future of our blind and visually impaired kids, no one else will do it. I am constantly telling governments that as long as blind and visually impaired persons are made to pay taxes, then they must be treated like anyone else and that their rights as Human Beings must be respected. Are you hearing me? Do you copy?

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