Send Tweets Straight to a Friend's Inbox

If you and most of your friends are active Twitter users, you've probably used the service to talk to each other more than a few times, which leaves your non-Twitter friends out of the loop on inside jokes, plans for later, or other info shared via the microblogging service.

A site called Tweet To Email can help get everyone in on the action by sending specific tweets straight to a contact's inbox.

To use the service, register through the site with your Twitter handle. Then, select "Create Group" from the menu and create a distribution list of people you'd like to receive your tweets. Select a hashtag from the drop-down menu ("#TM1" through "#TM5") to represent your group and add or import your contacts to the list. Then, when you want to send your tweet to email, just tag it with the appropriate hashtag. The system will recognize the tag and immediately send an email to the group with the text of your tweet. You can save up to five mailing lists, which can have as little as one recipient.

Click this link to get started with


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