TinyEyes: Discover How Your Baby Sees the World

Have you ever wondered how baby sees the world? Many people believe that babies see in black and white, while other people think they don't see at all. Fortunately, TinyEyes is a simple online image manipulation tool that simulates what a baby sees during the different stages of their development.

To use TinyEyes, click the “Try it!” link at the top section of the homepage. You can select the age of the child’s vision that you want to see from the drop-down menu. You can also enter the viewing distance in inches.

Once set, upload an image file from your computer and hit the “Run Tinyeyes!” button. The original image and the image as seen by the child will appear side by side.

TinyEyes can process most images but recommends using PNG or JPEG formats for faster conversions. This is a fun app for new parents to know what their baby is exactly seeing.

Click this link to visit the How Baby See website at http://www.tinyeyes.com/tinyeyes/index.php.


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