Torsten Brand

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Torsten Brand, one of the most influencial men in the development of accessible cellular phone software, died on April 12, of complications from an operation. He was 45. Torsten attended Universit├Ąt Hannover in Germany from 1984-1991. In 2002, he partnered with Marcus Groeber and founded Brand & Groeber Communications, which began development of screen reading technology for Nokia phones. In 2004, the startup was purchased by Scansoft, which later became Nuance. He served as the Product Manager for Mobile Applications at Nuance Communications Inc. until his untimely passing. He had most recently led the release of Talks version 5, supporting 5th edition Symbian-based cell phones including touchscreen models. He leaves behind 4 children. A post on the Handytech North America Twitter sums up the feelings of many in saying, "You've done so much for the blind community. We will all miss you." Below is a collection of some of Torsten's interviews from around the net.


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