Want to Teach the Blind?

If you’re interested in learning how to become a teacher of blind students, or if you’re wondering if this career choice is for you, then the National Federation of the Blind has a site for you!

They have developed a one-stop resource on teaching blind students to provide you information about this highly rewarding career. With 90% of blind children not being taught Braille, a 45% high school graduation rate for blind students, and a whopping 70% unemployment rate amongst working age blind adults, the time to make a difference is here!

Would you like to help others find out about this rewarding career? You can join their Teacher Recruitment Network. Prospective teachers or teacher candidates can learn about how the Teacher of Tomorrow Incentive Program can help you! Apply today to be part of their Teacher of Tomorrow Cohort program.

Current teachers, paraprofessionals, orientation and mobility instructors, and Program administrators, can join their Teach for Independence Network and visit the Blindness Education Station, a place to learn about best practices for working with blind students, and a place to share some of your own tricks of the trade!

Click this link to visit the Teach Blind Students website at http://www.teachblindstudents.org.


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