Website Shows How a Disability Can Save You Money

After raising three children, David Squar and his wife were about to downsize and buy a smaller home.

Looking over the real estate contract, Squar noticed a question in "tiny type" asking whether the house was being purchased to accommodate a disabled person.

The answer was yes. Squar's wife has multiple sclerosis, and they planned to remodel their new home to make it wheelchair-accessible.

Checking the box, it turned out, saves the couple about $1,200 a year in property taxes.

Not even Squar, a longtime escrow agent, had been aware of the discount, which made him wonder if there were other discounts he had overlooked.

As a result of his research, Squar launched, which lists more than 30 types of discounts for the disabled in 50 states, including property tax relief, federal and state income tax disability deductions, and utility discounts. Members pay $25 a year per state for access to the information.

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Article Source:
The Hartford Courant


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