WGBH Helps You Find Movies on DVD with Audio Description

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced in the fall of 2009 that it would include the descriptive narration track created for theatrical release in theaters equipped with WGBH's MoPix systems on DVD and Blu-Ray versions of those films. Universal Pictures has committed to the same practice.

Now, WGBH has created a page on their website with links to mainstream movies that have been released on DVD with descriptive narration and captioning. Most of the titles are also available on Blu-ray with access features. All can be purchased wherever DVDs are sold, or by following the provided links to the product on Amazon.com.

WGBH's Media Access Group is an Amazon Associate, which means that when you click through their site to purchase movies from Amazon, they receive a small portion (4%) of the revenue. As a nonprofit organization addressing media access barriers of all kinds, I know they would appreciate the financial support you would be providing through your purchases.

Click this link to find Accessible DVDs for Sale via the WGBH Media Access Group website.


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