Windows 7 and Vista Explained

When I first started working with computers, DOS was the only operating system for PCs. As time passed, I began to understand that the world was moving over to Windows and that I would have to as well.

It took some time for me to build up the courage to experiment with Windows, and with the help of a book called Windows 98 Explained I eventually did learn how to be productive in the Windows environment.

If you are serious about learning Windows with your choice of assistive technology, I strongly suggest you purchase the updated book Windows 7 and Vista Explained, A guide for blind and partially sighted users.

Award-winning and internationally renowned Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins has been training Windows Concepts to blind and visually impaired users and their trainers since 1993, based on her highly successful Books and diagrams describing the fundamental concepts of Microsoft Windows to blind and visually impaired users.

Her imaginative pioneering books and Training materials provide a thorough grounding in Windows from a non-visual perspective, and are independent of any particular screen-access technology - empowering all users to work independently and with sighted colleagues.

If you're wanting to learn the Windows operating system, click this link to visit the WinGuide website:
Click this link to purchase Windows 7 and Vista Explained from the RNIB website.

Sarah Morley Wilkins' books have also been available at the National Braille Press, use the contact information below to see if they are currently available:

National Braille Press
88 St. Stephen Street
Boston MA 02115
Phone: 617-266-6160
Fax: 617-437-0456


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