woices.com: Location-Based Audioguides

Here's a fun resource and website to visit where you can create audio walks around places, add in a map, append a photograph, using an iPhone etc. Great for educational use, though the strength or weakness lies in the person creating the walk of course.

Woices is a FREE internet service that allows people to create, share and consume echoes, audio records that are linked to a very specific geographical location or real-world object. Woices ultimate goal is to extend reality by creating a new layer of audio information, what we call the echoesphere, that will make the world a more interesting place.

Users with an account can group some of their echoes and create a walk. A walk is a collection of related echoes, usually geographically close so that they can be listened in sucession (during a 'walk'). Walks are dynamic since users can keep adding or removing echoes from their walks.

Echoes are words, left by one person at some precise place, that can be later listened to by anyone, as if their author was still there. Echoes can be about anything you want, from history, art or curiosities to personal memories or advice. An echo can even be a poem.

Creating a walk can be difficult for someone who uses a screen reader. The site is Flash-based, so you will need the help of a sighted person if you wish to create a walk. Listening to a walk is accessible, even though the buttons on the Flash player are not labeled. Experiment around a bit and you'll get the hang of it. Click this link to visit http://woices.com.


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