World’s First Blind Film Crew

Blind people directing movies?  Is that really possible?

An innovative film crew in Jeruselam is working on a project that may possibly change the views of blind and visually impaired people playing the role of film director and camera man.

According to one of the film crew, whose sight is quite limited was always told that he shouldn’t film that somebody else would film because he couldn’t do it due to his bad vision.  He never dreamed that he could actuly do it because he felt that he and the camera were two different things and that it would not be plausable for him to work behind the camera.

However, with this special film crew, they’re making waves in the blind community, proving that just because you’re blind; doesn’t mean that you can’t make a film.

Sure they use adaptations to make things work for them, but the main thing is; is that they find a way to do the things that other people think are virtually impossible for them to do.  For example, the camera man said that he uses cues from the people that he is filming.  He uses sound to tell him where the people are in the presentation, and he simply aims the camera in their direction.  He also tells the actors to use certain sounds to give him other cues that he needs to control the camera.

Who knows, maybe a blind film crew just might put out the next blockbuster film in theatres soon.  It is all very possible and it can be done, and this special film crew is paving the way for this to be possible for anyone who is blind or visually impaired.

So if you have always wanted to direct, and film, then this just might be the ticket for your success as a filmmaker.  So don’t ever think that just because you can’t see doesn’t mean that you can’t do it because blind people from all over the world are proving otherwise.

Sure, it may take adaptations and innovation, but the fact is, if you have the desire to do something, don’t let the sighted world tell you any different.  Prove them all wrong by actually doing it and doing it with the means by which you’re able to use to make it happen.

It is not the process that really matters, it is the fact that you had set out to do it and you had accomplished your task, and done it with the tools, techniques and innovations that you need in order to make it happen.  Blind and visually impaired people have already proved that they can do a lot of things that the sighted world thought to be virtually impossible for them to do, and they did it with innovation, techniques and strategies that they themselves have invented, or have borrowed from other sources to make it work for them.  There’s always more than one way to skin a cat, so don’t let someone tell you any different.

Pretty soon, blind people will be driving cars, flying planes and a whole lot more.  Who knows what the future will bring to the blind and visually impaired community.  Technology has definitely paved the way in many situations for the blind and visually impaired, and it will prove itself again when we hear about yet another blind individual accomplishing something that is normally sight related.

So Hollywood; get ready to begin working with blind film crews and blind film directors and such.  They’re coming!

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