Avoid FarmVille on Facebook

Lots of people enjoy the game Farmville on FaceBook. The opposite is also true, a lot of people don’t. For people who use screen readers, the game is totally useless because of a lack of accessibility. What they do get to see is tons of Farmville updates and requests from their friends who are playing it.

For whatever reason, if you don’t enjoy FarmVille on Facebook, here's a tip you might find helpful to avoid it.

The ability to hide certain notifications has been around for a while, and is the main tip given to FarmVille-non-enthusiasts. Although fairly simple, a lot of people still don’t know they can do this. In your news feed, if you have enough vision, hover your mouse between two notifications, and a Hide button will appear. Clicking it allows you to hide all FarmVille notifications, or all updates from that person. Choose wisely. For those using screen readers, the same hide button can be found on one of those annoying little updates from your friends.

Hiding notifications this way is both incredibly easy and is remembered on your Facebook profile. This means you can use another browser, or sign in from a different computer, and the notifications will stay hidden. On the downside, there is no Hide all applications button, so you’ll have to repeat the process for every existing application, or when a new one is created.


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