Barriers to Careers

by Donna J. Jodhan

Now, please do not laugh when I tell you this one! Believe it or not, most of society still thinks of us blind folks as only being able to play music for a living. You got it! They think of us as musicians and probably so because of the successes of people like Steavie Wonder, Ray Charles, and so on.

I remember several years ago when I was on a trip with my parents to Europe and I had just graduated from University. My proud papa was going around telling everyone that I had just graduated and before he could tell them what I had graduated with, one very innocent gentleman piped up and said: "Isn't it nice that she got her degree in music!" I gently told him no. I had just obtained my degree in commerce. My parents later told me that the poor man looked as if he wanted to disappear under the table.

In actuality, blind persons face several barriers to careers. For some reason, society seems to have pre conceived notions about what blind persons can and cannot do for a living or I should say that many persons do not even think that we are able to work. They look upon us as people to be taken care of rather than productive and contributing members of society. They falsely believe that we can work best and if we can at such careers as: Piano tuners, teachers to teach other blind persons, social workers to help other blind persons, basket makers and weavers, and musicians. A very disheartening picture if I may say so.

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