Kapten Talking Pocket GPS System

The Kapten Talking Pocket GPS system and iPod Shuffle share one thing in common, both don't have displays, and for good reasons.

This palm-sized unit relies on voice recognition technology, which means it accepts verbal input where you will need to make navigation requests simply by talking to the Kapten, and will be given spoken directions in return. For those with some vision, you can keep your eyes on the sidewalk, while offering the blind pedestrian spoken directions. It works with a Bluetooth-enabled cellphone as well just in case you need a hands-free kit on the go.

The device is currently available with a US-only map, you can also purchase a model with a Canadian map separately.

Product Features

  • Easy to use with voice commands and voice guidance
  • Use while walking on a bus or in a car
  • Built in MP3 player and FM receiver
  • Includes USB cable wall charger speaker and stereo headphones
  • BONUS Accessory pack with 10 hr spare battery car charger and carry case
Click this link to purchase the Kapten Talking Pocket GPS Navigational System from Amazon.com.


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