Screen Readers and Internet Explorer's Informaition Bar

If you are using Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Internet Explorer may block some Web content. Most often this includes pop-up windows or active content, such as preloaded sounds or downloads. When Internet Explorer blocks content, you hear a sound and a message appears on the Information Bar. The Information Bar is located below the address bar and provides information about downloads, blocked pop-up windows, and other activities. This helps you avoid potentially harmful files that you might otherwise not want to download from the Internet.

To move to and read the Information Bar, press ALT+N. If you trust the Web site, you will want to enable the blocked action. You can then press Enter to open the Information Bar menu so you can allow Internet Explorer to display the content. Press Tab and enable the checkbox with the Spacebar. To hide the Information Bar, and return to the page you were viewing, press ESC.

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