Sync Local Folders, Network Drives, and Dropbox

I have become a big fan of Dropbox. With this service, you can sync files and folders from one computer to another.

One of the weaknesses of the Dropbox service is that you can only sync files and folders in the "My Dropbox" folder. What if you wanted to share something on an external hard drive? I have some very large folders that I would like to share in a public Dropbox folder and that large collection of files lives on an external drive. I didn't have a way to share them until I found OneSync.

OneSync is a simple file synchronization tool with an easy to use interface. If you want a lightweight application for syncing local folders to network drives, your Dropbox folder, or portable devices, you'll want to check out OneSync.

OneSync is a free, no frills piece of software. Name the sync job, select the folders that will be synchronized, and preview the sync to make sure the outcome is what you intended. If everything looks good hit the big blue sync logo at the bottom of the application to start the syncing process. Screen reader users may find the program confusing on the first run. Tab through the options and I think it will become clear what information is needed.

By using this program, I was able to point to the large folder on my eexternal drive, sync it with the Dropbox public folder and boom! Everything works great!

Click this link to learn more or to download OneSync.

Dropbox Folder Sync

A few days after I wrote this post, I found another utility that does, basically the same thing, but was actually designed to work with Dropbox.

After installing this free application, you can run it, tell it where your main Dropbox folder is (if necessary), then hit a button and do the standard Windows folder-picking procedure to sync any folder on your hard drive to your Dropbox account. Just right-click on any folder and pick "Sync with Dropbox" from the context menu.

Click this link to download the Dropbox sync application.


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