Internet Broadcasting Audio Tutorial

Jonathan Mosen and Brian Hartgen have developed The Mushroom FM Fun guys Guide to Internet Broadcasting. This is an audio tutorial that will help get you up and running in the world of internet broadcasting. The tutorial runs for 3 hours 20 minutes, and covers things like:

  • A detailed look at StationPlaylist Studio that shows how to set up and run this software in an Internet broadcast situation. You'll learn about the benefits of using a mixer, how to cope with requests, how to use cart machines and more.
  • A look at options for getting your broadcast to the Internet, including using facilities within StationPlaylist Studio, using free Winamp tools, or the optional StationPlaylist Streamer.
    Using the Sam Encoders with soon to be released JAWS scripts to optimise your streaming experience.
  • A session where you hear all the tools we've discussed in action as an actual radio show goes to air.
  • A brief overview of StationPlaylist Creator and how it can be used to make live Internet broadcasting easier.

The tutorial is available for free download in two formats. The DAISY version can be played using DAISY playback software on your PC, such as the free FSReader that is included with JAWS 11 and above. It can also be played on portable devices such as the Victor Reader Stream, Book Sense, Plextalk Pocket and Bookport Plus. The DAISY file is a little bigger to download, however the DAISY navigation makes moving between sections of the tutorial very easy.

The MP3 version of the tutorial can be played on your PC or any MP3 capable device.

Both tutorial files have identical content, they are only different formats. Both downloads are zip files. You can extract them using the built-in zip support in Windows.

Download the Mushroom FM Fun Guys Guide to Internet Broadcasting in DAISY format.
Download the Mushroom FM Fun Guys Guide to Internet Broadcasting in MP3 format.


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