Let's Get Linked In

by Martin Courcelles

Social media never seems to end.  Today, we'll be talking about a service called LinkedIn.  This is sort of like Facebook, but for professionals.   


As with all social media, you need to sign up for this service as well.  So let's do it. 

Go to the following link:


If using the JAWS for Windows screen reader, press INSERT+F7 and then the letter F until you hear "Join Today" and press ENTER.

Now, a simple form will show up.  Fill out your first name, last name, email address and password. Tab to the "join Today" button and press ENTER.  

Now, we get to the fun.  Yet another new form. Type in the required information and press ENTER on the "continue" button.  Information in this area is important so you can get matched up with your work colleagues.   

Next, we get to LinkedIn's way of finding your contacts.  I will let you explore this on your own, as each method is different.  Or for those of you who don't want to do this, just tab to the "Skip this step" and press ENTER.  

Confirming your account:

To make sure that you're truly a human, they have sent a message to your email account.  Go there open the message and press ENTER on that link to confirm your LinkedIn account.  A new page will open.  Press ENTER on the confirm button.   

Do you know these people?

We're almost done here.  LinkedIn will now try to generate a list of people you may know.  My fictitious account did not generate anybody I know, so I guess that's a good thing.  Again, you can go through this page to see if you know anyone, or just press ENTER on the "skip this step" link.  

Final Step:

This is more my style.  The final form lets you fill out email addresses of people you know.  They don't even have to be in the system.  Just list all email addresses and separate them with commas.  Tab to the "Save invitations" button and press ENTER.   

Accessing your LinkedIn Account:

So you're done, what now? 

Well, the first thing I would suggest is visiting the settings page, just to make sure that everything, including the privacy settings are set up to your liking.  You can also update your profile and do searches to find more people to add to your list of contacts.  Spend a bit of time exploring.   

Alternate way to access LinkedIn:

Yes, there is indeed a different way to access this service.  Visit:


This is a very stripped down version of the main site.  Unlike the minimalist version of Facebook where you have access to pretty much everything this version of LinkedIn is missing the Inbox, hardly has anything under settings and you can't make any changes on your profile.  However, there are good things.  The "updates" page  is very easy to navigate; complete with shortcut keys.  Searching for new people to add is also straightforward.  The "contact" page is also useful to create new messages that utilize your favourite email package instead of the online web mail.   


LinkedIn is another way to connect yourself to work colleagues and other professionals.  It's amazing what you can find utilizing such a system.  The mobile version of the webpage is useful for quick access to your updates, new contact searches and finding of email addresses.   

See you on LinkedIn.

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