More Video Games Needed for Persons with Special Needs

by Donna J. Jodhan

As an avid computer games player, I'm constantly seeking ways to scream the message to video game developers that they should be focusing some well needed attention on developing video games to meet the demands and needs of consumers with special needs. When I was growing up it was difficult for me to find mainstream games that I could play let alone enjoy. I remember having to find ways to either invent my own games or ask a sighted friend or family member to help me play.

Things have improved a lot since then but I do believe that things could be much better. Before anyone goes off on a tangent, let me define what I mean by making it easier for persons with special needs to play video games. At the present time, almost all of the attention is focused on catering to mainstream players. Those players who can appreciate those glitzy and fancy graphics, those players who have the ability to carry out quick hand-eye movements, players who are blessed with super hand-eye coordination, and players who can use their hands, eyes, and ears to enjoy video games. However, what about those players who do not possess eyesight? Those players who are unable to use their hands? Those players who can't hear very well? Those players who have difficulty seeing the screens? In short, blind persons and disabled persons.

More and more aging baby boomers are getting into the video game trend and it would be wise for video game developers to keep this in mind because much sooner than later aging baby boomers are going to become your main customers and then what? With an aging population comes the fact that more and more persons are going to be suffering from disabling diseases, vision and hearing loss, plus much more.

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Agreed! By the way, are you aware of the Accessible GameBase (

They've had a collection of podcasts on Audio Games just lately, with Dark from talking about three of the higher quality, deeper titles that may be of interest.

This is a direct link:

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