Replay Music from Applian Technologies

The Applian Technologies for Blind Users site was created by an enthusiastic user of these recording products for Windows-based computers. Here's a quote from the page that sums up why people like this software.

"Does your streaming leave you screaming? Do your flv files give you flack? Are you at a loss about lossless content? Don't know a rar from a wav? Does your IPOD give you indigestion?

Then Replay Music is the answer. Created with accessibility in mind, Replay Music easily solves all these questions. If you can hear it, Replay Music will clear it. From WMV to MP3, Replay Music gets the Grammy for it's powerful recognition and capture capability. From Face Book to You Tube, you'll get flawless digital files of your favorite clips and tunes.

Replay Music can provide Artist Track and Album information on thousands of current selections. Building a music library has never been easier.

Who knew that a program like Replay Music could be so much fun to use? And best of all, it's completely legal-no catches. And no subscription fees.

I love what Applian has done with this product. It's a breeze to use! Like a tiny tape recorder on your C drive, Replay Music converts and saves. You'll get a folder of each day's efforts ready to access and review. Talk Radio Fans will like the way Replay Music interfaces with streaming audio from internet radio stations.

Replay music is the choice for me. So don't Record a Total Mess. GET REPLAY MUSIC AND GET THE BEST !"

Click this link to visit the Applian Technologies Info For Blind Users page.


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