Visually Impaired People Can Count Drops

Easy-to-use acoustic sensor for droppers helps visually impaired people to count drops of any liquid, with any dropper.

The acoustic sensor for droppers has a rectangular shape. The sensor area is on the top surface and is marked by a rectangular groove mark, for easy tactile perception. On the bottom surface there is the room for a 9V battery and the product plastic label. The headphone output jack is placed on one side.

Put the headphone in your ear and connect the cable to the device, plugging it in the output jack on the side of the device, which will then switch-on automatically.

Put the device on a table or a flat surface, with the sensor area up. Put a plastic glass on the sensor area, within the rectangular groove mark. No precision is required, but ensure that the bottom of the glass is placed within the mark. Keeping the glass steady with one hand, start dropping the liquid into the glass with the other hand. Anytime a drop falls into the glass, its vibration is amplified by the device and you will hear it through the headphone. The device helps you count drops of any liquid!

For more information, contact:

dr. Raul Pietrobon
V. G. Carducci 35/B
28062 Cameri (NO)
Phone: 0321 51 80 18
Fax: 0321 18 50 900


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