Retrieve the Software Installation Keys From Your PC

You know how it is.  You buy some software on CD, or online, and install it.  The program works perfectly for ages and then one day it doesn't.  Maybe you decide to purchase a new PC.

Time for a reinstall of your applications.  Except that you forgot to write down the installation key of that software, and the CD case (or confirmation email) has long since been lost.  So you face the prospect of having to buy another licence for that can't-do-without application.

If that sounds familiar, here's a possible solution.  A tiny, free utility for Windows (XP and above) that retrieves and displays the installation keys for loads of Windows apps.

The utility in question is called Softkey Revealer, and you can download it from No need to install anything - just unzip and run and then copy those keys somewhere safe, before you forget again!


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