Braille Sign Language

Braille Sign Language is a fairly new discipline being taught to children and adults alike who have impaired hearing as well as having visual difficulties.  It is a far more complicated form since it adds more complex Braille signs that are designed to teach visually impaired and deaf people on how to express themselves or communicate to other people.  Braille sign language can also be taught to blind people who are not necessarily deaf.  In order to have a deeper grasp of Braille sign language, let us first of all talk about the different disciplines involved within it.
Sign language is a series of sign patterns that is visually transmitted to send across a message or convey meaning.  Mostly this is used by deaf individuals but as years have passed it has grown popularity and has been widely accepted that even people who are not necessarily hearing impaired study how to do sign languages so as to communicate with deaf individuals, teach formally at schools and universities, or just to simply broaden their horizons.  The most widely used form of sign language is the American Sign Language.  Sign language is also an accepted form of language since an individual can be considered bilingual as long as he or she knows how to do sign languages.
Braille is a method used mostly by blind people in order to read and be able to write.  A Braille character is made up of cells with raised or embossed patterns within it to denote a letter or a number.  Combination of these characters then form to make up a word.
Now the above mentioned methods are what make up the Braille sign language.  Braille sign language is not only for the blind and deaf, but also for those who are willing to learn the methodology in order to become a professional instructor of such discipline.  You can find a lot of schools and websites that offer this course.  It is just a matter of finding which one that will suit your needs.  Braille sign language is something that is growing rapidly for a new discipline and looks to grow exponentially in the few years to come.


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