Everyone Likes to Play Games Including the Blind

by Alena Roberts
When you think of video games, you likely don’t think of the blind playing them, but this isn’t the case. From games that have been adapted to be playable by the blind, to mainstream games that the blind figure out how to play without modifications, the blind are definitely a part of the video gaming world.
I myself just started playing a game online called Kingdom of Loathing, and when I was a PC user, I played games all the time.
So the question is what kind of games are out there, and where can you get them. I think the best place to start is a visit to a site called audiogames.net. Their database includes hundreds of games, many of which are free. The categories also range from fun word and card games to first person shooter and strategy games. All the games that are listed on this site are designed to be playable by the blind.
As I mentioned, when I was using a PC I played lots of these games. Here are a couple of my favorites.
Spoonbill software offers many free card and puzzle games. All you have to do is email the developer with your request and he sends you the game.

Finally, if you want to play with people online, a great option is All In Play. There is a subscription fee to play these games, but there is a free trial. Also, the games are playable by the blind and sighted so it’s a great option for families.
What are your favorite video games? If there was a game you wish was more playable for the blind, what would it be?

Article Source:
Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind


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