How to Activate High Contrast on Windows

How to Activate High Contrast on Windows

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Are you sick of your old, dull looking computer? Pimp it out! By changing to High Contrast you can give your computer a fresh new look.


  1. Go to "Start".
  2. Open "Control Panel".
  3. Open "Accessibility Options".
  4. Go to tab: "Display".
  5. Check mark "Use High Contrast".
  6. Press "Apply".
  1. Press Ctrl, Alt/option, Apple, 8
  2. And the colors will go negative EVERYTHING.


  • You can also press Alt + Shift + Print Screen to turn on high contrast.
  • You can change the look of "High Contrast", beside the check mark on the "Display" tab you will see a "Settings" button. Then choose your view from the drop-box.


  • This definitely works on XP and mac osx 10.4 and higher. It may work on the other Windows versions and macs with osx 10.3.9 and lower. It may not be present on XP Pro 64 bit.

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