NFB Newsline

Do you know about NFB-NEWSLINE, the free service that gives print-disabled individuals anytime, anywhere access to over three hundred publications and wire feeds, as well as TV listings?

With NFB-NEWSLINE, subscribers can easily and independently access the vital information contained in newspapers and magazines, and become aware of news and events from around the world and in their own hometowns.

Subscribers can read their favorite publications in a variety of ways, allowing for their preferences and technological ability. Subscribers can access NFB-NEWSLINE on the phone, by e-mail delivery, via the Web, or by download to a digital talking-book player or MP3-playing device.

The national publications available include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Economist, Time, Science News, Smithsonian, The New Republic, and Rolling Stone.

NFB-NEWSLINE is available to any individual who, due to visual or physical disability, cannot read the printed word, and eligibility is not dependent on, or restricted to, affiliation with any particular consumer or support organization. Anyone who is signed up for the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is already qualified for NFB-NEWSLINE®.

To learn more about, or to sign up for, NFB-NEWSLINE, please visit, call toll free (866) 504-7300, or email


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