Share Files Over Miles

FilesOverMiles is a direct file sharing tool for quickly and securely sending files over the internet. There is no installation or sign up and transferred files are not stored anywhere.

To start, simply choose the file on your computer and FilesOverMiles will generate a web URL for the transfer. Copy the link and forward it to any one you want. When the recipient clicks the URL the file transfer will begin. Ans since, the file transfer is direct in that case both sender and receiver should be online.

Features include:

  • Browser to browser p2p file transfer.
  • Sent as many files as you like.
  • Files are not stored during the transfer.
  • The connection between users is secure and encrypted.
  • No restrictions on file size or bandwidth.
  • Both sender and receiver MUST be online.
  • Free, no sign up needed.
Click this link to share files with


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