Technology Assistance Available from the Chicago Lighthouse National Help Desk

The Chicago Lighthouse’s National HelpDesk is an assistive technology support line that helps visually impaired people successfully resolve computer problems.

The Help Desk, operated by Ray Campbell, who is totally blind, has served people in 48 states, six Canadian provinces, China, South Africa and New Zealand. More than 2000 calls have been received.

The service was made possible in April 2005 when The Chicago Lighthouse successfully matched a $41,000 grant from The Boeing Company. 

If an issue can not be resolved over the phone, an on-site visit can be scheduled with customers residing in the Chicago metropolitan area.

For more information, contact:

Ray Campbell, Help Desk Technician
Toll Free: 888-825-0080 (voice/Relay)
Phone: 312-997-3651 (Voice/Relay)
AIM Screen Name: tclhelp


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