Two iPad Applications for the Classroom

Docs Anywhere

As the name implies, Docs Anywhere allows iPad users a high degree of portability for their digital documents. Capable of reading Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .pdf files, rich text, plain text, HTML, and other file formats, it allows transfer between desktop and portable device using USB and iTunes. Teachers who prefer working on their home machines can very easily transport their work to the classroom on their iPads, which also provides e-mailing capabilities for an added dimension of file preservation.

Click this link to try Docs Anywhere:

Free Books

Any educators with a need for quick reference to 23,469 books (and counting!) should absolutely download this amazing resource. Completely free, not only does it provide access to classic novels, but autobiographies, letters, speeches, and other writings by significant historical figures and recognized geniuses, including the American presidents, works of philosophy by Seneca and other influential thinkers, Shakespeare’s plays, and more!! Because of this, even teachers who do not focus on English still benefit greatly from what Free Books offers.

Click this link to download Free Books:


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