Color Wheel Match!

Here's an activity that's great for matching, learning colors and improving motor skills. All you'll need is some clothespins, paint, markers, scissors and posterboard.

  1. Use a large upside down mixing bowl (or anything else) to trace a big circle on the posterboard.
  2. Section it into 8 pieces(you can do as many as you like). Paint each section a different color.
  3. Paint a clothespin for each color of sections you created earlier.
  4. Write the names of each color in the section and on the clothespins. Use large pins and write the color names in braille and print.
  5. Give the kids the circles with the clothespins already attached to the appropriate sections.
  6. Ask the kids to pull off all of the clothespins and put them in a pile.
  7. Have them match the clothespins to the colors on the wheel. You may want to demonstrate the first match.

So there you have it, an activity that can be done by different ages and developmental stages including children with special needs.


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