EaseOut Bulb Remover

If you tend to have a lot of broken lightbulbs around your house or business, you know that they are dangerous and a pain in the tush to remove. For those of us who are totally blind, it's just another reason not to have the things around.

I don’t know why you have one or many broken bulbs but you’ve got a problem and the EaseOut Bulb Remover Takes Broken Bulbs Out...wait for it...with Ease and makes it simple to remove those pesky broken bulbs. Just insert the long handled device into the socket and ease that lightbulb out. A plastic shield that looks like one of those clear disks you get when you buy a 50 CDR pack protects your hands and eyes from falling glass. Also works for lightbulbs that have rusted in place (although you’d have to smash them first). This is an inexpensive solution to an annoying problem.

Click this link to purchase the EaseOut Bulb Remover from Amazon.com.


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