The Mobile Divide

by Donna J. Jodhan

What exactly am I concerned about today? The growing gap between those mobile devices that are accessible to sight impaired persons and what is not accessible.

As the variety of mobile devices continues to grow at boundless rates, we as a group are becoming more and more isolated in so many ways. We barely have time to catch our breaths. We barely have time to test out one device that has been made accessible to us before we have to deal with three or four new ones on the market.

The thing is this: In many cases when a mobile device becomes accessible, it is almost always not entirely accessible as one or two features are inaccessible through the lack of either speech or large print. Many access technology vendors are selling cell phones that still lack for complete accessibility. Many of the hand held devices are nowhere near being accessible. Many of the MP3 players and iPods still require sighted assistance to get set up and this is the case across the board.

This picture is only going to get worse as time passes and for logical and realistic reasons. Access technology is unable to keep up with the growth of mobile devices so maybe it's time for us to admit this and work on finding a solution that could be an alternative to all of this. Not sure what that could possibly be but we as a group need to address it sooner than later. The time may be now.

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