Better Undergraduate Recruiting at CollegeJobConnect

From the website:

"CollegeJobConnect helps you connect with employers across the country. We are your tool for finding the perfect job.

With CollegeJobConnect you can research, apply to, and get recruited by companies from across the country throughout the whole year. Search through our company directory and find employers that match what you are looking for. Get your own personal career search underway in less than 5 minutes!

After you register, we walk you through how to set up your profile, which takes about 5 minutes. After that, you are ready to start applying to companies. Your profile also makes you discoverable by the employers. Talk about being in the game!

You can also view notifications and interview offers, track submitted applications, and browse featured companies. Our one of a kind directory includes over 5,000 companies that you can search through based on name, size, location, industry, and much more. Find companies that match what you are looking for! For each company, you can view a full profile to learn a bit more. You can also save each for later or you can submit an application.

Finally, we feature cool companies periodically at the top of our home page, so make sure you check back to see what's new."

Click this link to start looking for your next job with


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