The Job Seeker's Toolkit

The Job Seeker's Toolkit is an accessible, self-paced, and free online course that helps users develop skills and tools that last a lifetime. The course covers self awareness, career exploration tools, the preliminary employment process, the interview, and maintaining employment.

The Job Seeker's Toolkit also allows professionals to follow their students' progress and provide feedback. Professionals and families can easily register to generate a short code that students can include in their profile. This code will allow students to send associated professionals their completed assignments with the check of a box. Use it with your students or clients today!

The Job Seeker's Toolkit brings you:

  • Great tips & advice
  • Useful employment tools
  • Easy navigation
  • Capability for professionals to follow the progress and provide feedback on assignments

The Job Seeker's Toolkit was developed through the generosity of the Marriott Foundation. Click this link to visit The Job Seeker's Toolkit at the American Foundation for the Blind website.


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