Unsubscribe From Any Email Newsletter

Unsubscribing from mailing lists manually is so frustrating and time-consuming that most people continuously delete the email messages when they come in.

Unsubscribe.com is a service that will let you add a "unsubscribe" button to every email, so the next time you get email from a mailing list that you don't want, just click that button and the mailing list will be zapped from your in-box forever!

Both Gmail and Outlook are already supported, with Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL coming soon. There is a fee to use the service without limits, the free plan is limited to five unsubscribes per month.

Click this link to visit http://www.unsubscribe.com.


Unknown said…
Glad you like the service and thanks for posting about us. Just as an FYI to your readers we are working hard to add the button into other clients and should have a few of them out soon.

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