Install Multiple Programs At Once without Toolbars or Clicking Next

by Martin Courcelles

Configuring a new PC is a drag.

Being a nerd can be taxing, especially when it comes down to time-management. Back home, I have a plethora of various PCs, netbooks and notebooks. From time to time, I need to flex my software muscles and attempt a reinstall of the operating system. Or sometimes, I might go out and purchase a new netbook to test the latest hardware, but I then need to go out to the internet and install my favourite programs. This is where the time factor comes into play. Visiting each individual web page for various programs, downloading them and then installing them can eat away at your precious time continuum. However, fear not brave nerdians. I have a solution to our installation woes.  

Meet Ninite:

Oddly enough, this was something I would say before bed time, but now, it's my one stop site for cutting down on installation frustration.

Let me pull a quote right off of the site to explain things a bit:

"Install multiple apps at once without toolbars or clicking Next."

Ninite in action

  1. Pick your favorite software programs.
  2. Click "Get Installer" and run it.
  3. You're done!

So there you have it in a nutshell. Simply TAB through the different software selections, check the checkboxes beside the packages you want. Notice the abundance of programs. All manner of programs are listed here. It is truly a one stop shop for any PC.

Once you've chosen your programs, execute the "getinstaller.png" button. An information screen will appear detailing what programs you have chosen and a "Click here to download your installer" link will be at your disposal.

Press ENTER on this link.  

A download dialog will appear. You can either choose run to only use the installer once. Or, you can choose "Save" instead, so that you could save the file to a USB Flash drive and run it on another PC. When the installer is run, you get an information screen giving you the status of the various installs. Sit back and enjoy. Within a few minutes, you have a fully setup PC without too much fuss.

 You can visit NiNite at

Happy automated installing!


Unknown said…
A few days after this article was written I helped ninite develop a collection of programs which are known to be accessible.
you can get to the list of accessible ninite programs by visiting
There's a chance we missed a few things in the collection, so if anyone spots anything accessible that's not on the list use the contact form on the site and let the author know.

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