PlushTalk Ornaments

The Kentucky School for the Blind Family Support Specialist Mitch Dahmke shares: “A new product has caught my eye in the past month that would make a neat addition to your child’s Christmas.

PlushTalk Ornaments are plush stuffed talking ornament toys that attach to a 24” tall soft plush stuffed Christmas trimming tree. Each themed PlushTalk Ornament has a name and states a different phrase in a unique and interesting voice when squeezed. PlushTalk Ornaments may be played with individually like any traditional plush toy or attached to the trimming tree for decorating. Children of all abilities will enjoy this.  

Additionally, there is a companion poem “Santa Finds his Way,” which tells how the PlushTalk Ornaments helped save Christmas when Santa’s eyesight became weak. The PlushTalk Ornaments and the poem “Santa Finds his Way” may be viewed by visiting


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