Royalty Free Music

by Martin Courcelles

With the craze of downloadable digital music, we all give our MP3 players a pretty good work out; not to mention our credit cards or PayPal accounts.  The one thing people tend to overlook when purchasing all of this music is the fact that there are services out there catering to legal royalty free music.  I will describe an example for you in this entry.   

It's too good to be true:

In some circumstances, I would agree.  But let's visit this example of royalty free music and you'll most likely concur that this content is amazing. Let's go to;   

This page lists all sorts of interesting free stuff, but we're looking for the link "Royalty Free Music".  Please note, it's not the link within the google Ads area.  Follow the link by pressing ENTER and spend some time exploring.  To get to the search area, press the letter H until you hear "Browse by Genre".

From here, you can TAB through the different styles of music.  Press ENTER on the one you would like to explore.  For example, press ENTER on "blues" to fulfill your "it's Wednesday and I wish it was Friday" middle of the week blues.  A results page will be generated.  Se below on how to navigate the results.  

Search By Feel:

Prefer to get some music which suits your mood?  No problem, hit H again to get to that heading. Arrow down through the different categories and check the boxes that you wish to peruse by pressing the SPACEBAR.  The checkboxes are before each category. Once you've chosen the categories press the letter B for button and this will bring you to the Search button.  Press ENTER and a results page will be generated.  Alternatively, you can just press ENTER on the one feeling that you want to explore.

There is also a keywords search function, however I find it easier to look around with the above 2 methods.  

Navigating through the results:

Using H and SHIFT+H to go through the headings, find the category or feeling heading that you chose on the previous screen.  Notice the search functions are still at the top of the page.  You will need to press H past them before getting to the results.

From there, DOWN ARROW to hear the description of the song.  Following the description are the media control buttons.  They are all properly labeled.  Press ENTER on "Play" to start the music.  You can also download the music in high quality MP3 format.  All result titles are in headings, therefore you can use H and SHIFT+H to go through them. 

Enjoy your music exploration. Meanwhile, I'm going back to my blues.

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