APH Holiday Gift Guide 2010

These selected products make great gifts for family and friends!

The Weeks Before Christmas

by Michael McCarty, APH Social Media Coordinator

‘Twas weeks before Christmas, Santa's short on time,
“I need accessible gifts for those who are blind!”

He’s been watching the weather for snow and for ice.
He checks the time with his talking ZeitGeist.

“What can I do?” he pleads to his spouse.
“Dear, shop online at American Printing House."

“You know I forgot about the shop APH site.
It’ll sure come in handy on a night like tonight.”

“I’ll grab my list and fire up my Mac,
Accessible gifts I’ll have in my sack.”

“Jamie's musical bent could take her far,
She'll listen and learn with audio guitar.”

“Look at the books, what a selection!
I’ll pick this title from Chrissy’s Collection.”

“I know one book I’ll sure be taking,
It’s a hardcover keepsake, APH History in the Making.”

“Sam wants games, that’s really nice,
So I’ve put on his list the Talking GlowDice.”

“This new netbook is cool for Betty and Chet,
I’m sure they could learn from Verbal View of the Net.”

“John and Sally really like to stay fit!
So they will receive this hot Fitness Kit.”

“Everyone knows the importance of braille.
Practice makes perfect with the Compact Swing Cell.”

“Trevor needs to keep track of phone numbers and dates,
He can’t go wrong with QuickBraille stylus and slate.”

“In the stockings this year, I’ll know what to hide,
APH’s redesigned Signature Guide.”

“Lucky Lucy will open a card with some money,
The iBill will tell her ‘five,’ ‘ten,’ or a ‘twenty’.”

“To count down the days to the next Yuletide,
I’ll keep an art calendar close by my side”

“It looks like I’m done, man I’m so tired.
It’s back to my chair to relax by the fire.”

Santa closes his eyes and starts to snore.
He’s glad he remembered shop.aph.org.

Season's Greetings from All of Us at APH!


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