The APH Migel Library Goes Digital!

The APH Migel Library is working with the Internet Archive to make some materials available online. This means that you can read and download selected texts from the Migel Library via the internet. These materials are available in a variety of formats including DAISY and ePub. Because of copyright laws, we are not allowed to make everything available online. You will find materials published before 1924, government documents and other materials that are considered Public Domain. As of today, there are 136 items available online. We hope to add a few hundred more in the coming months.

You can access these documents in one of two ways. When searching the APH Migel Library website,, you will see a Full Text Link on the Book Detail page if we have made the item available online. This will link to the items page at the Internet Archive. From there, you will have a variety of formats to choose from for viewing or download. (An example can be seen here:,25657.aspx?FormatFilter=7) You can search the Migel website using the search term, "Full Text" to see the items currently available online. Alternatively, if you'd like to browse the actual collection of digital materials from the APH Migel Library, go to

We hope you find this digital access to some of the APH Migel texts helpful and welcome your feedback!


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