When SafetyWeb co-founder Geoffrey Arone was conducting college admissions interviews for his alma mater, he, like about 10% of college admission directors, started to Google applicants. The unflattering information he found inspired him to start SafetyWeb.

SafetyWeb helps parents protect their children’s online reputations by searching hundreds of social networking, photo and community sites for their children’s accounts. The service delivers a summary of what accounts their children are spending time on, what information and photographs are publicly available on these accounts, and who their friends are. Parents get e-mail or text message alerts when their children’s content relates to depression, profanity, bullying, drugs, alcohol or racism.

Parents can see who their children are communicating with on their mobile phones and when they’re using them. The company recently released a mobile app that allows parents to check in on their children’s online activities from anywhere. $10 per month.

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