Build Your Own Braille Label Maker

I couldn't build a box, but for those of you who are good with their hands, Ted Moallem has instructions on how to build, what he calls, the Braille It labeler.

"Braille-It is a pocket-sized device that lets blind people emboss Braille into ordinary "Scotch" tape. Braille labels help blind users identify everyday items, like food packaging, medicine containers, money, CDs, and buttons/controls on media devices and household appliances. They can also be used to record contact info, notes, and reminders to place in a notebook or elsewhere. Braille-It is language-independent, equally suitable for users of any Braille alphabet. Scotch® Magic™ tape easily imprints with well-defined, enduring Braille dots, and it won't obscure visual cues used by sighted people (fold over an edge for easy removal).

I designed Braille-It so that a blind person can build it, provided he/she has the right equipment and training. This Instructable is a version of the blind-accessible construction process, to allow sighted builders to make the best use of whatever equipment is available. By contrast, a blind person requires a more specific set of methods, hand tools and bench-mounted equipment to perform the construction safely and effectively. (Feel free to contact me for further info regarding the blind-accessible construction process.)"

If you want to see how this comes together, click this link to visit the Instructables website for step-by-step instructions.


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