Fasten Seat Belts for Some Videos About Cultural Norms

Fasten Seat Belts is a neat website designed to help travelers learn the cultural norms of the places they plan to visit. The site is funded in part by the European Commission's Life Long Learning Program. Fasten Seat Belts offers videos for travelers going to countries in Europe and Asia. You can search for videos by country or by theme (table manners, bar customs, etc).

The site also offers a free iPhone App describing the do's and don'ts of cultural norms in various countries around the world.

Part of the curricula in some school's foreign language programs requires students to learn about the cultural practices of the countries in which their language of study is spoken. These videos could be helpful for introducing or reminding students of some of those lessons. These videos could also be very valuable if students are taking a trip outside their native country.

Click this link to visit

Here's a video on why you shouldn't reveal the soles of your feet to others in India.

India 4_ Don’t reveal the soles of your feet to other people. from 43 Films on Vimeo.


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