Financial Planning for Retirees with Disabilities

by Donna J. Jodhan

The financial planning sector needs to start paying more attention to the needs and demands of this particular group as it continues to grow both in size as well as in financial power. Retirees with disabilities have some very unique demands and I don't think that the financial planning sector will take too long to catch on.

What am I referring to? This particular group of clients are looking for such things as: Statements and information to be provided to them in formats that is easier for them to read. Formats such as large print, and electronic text. As more retirees gravitate towards computers, we are going to find that they and in particular those disabled retirees who are either print disabled or blind, will need to have their information and investment statements presented in formats that are easier for them to read.

Large print is naturally one of the formats, but electronic text or E text as it is more popularly known, is the other. The financial planning sector should not be afraid to meet this unique challenge head on; there are companies out there that are willing and ready to fulfill these demands. Companies that specialize in the production of all kinds of documents in alternate formats. Just Google them using keywords such as : Production of alternate formats, documents in alternate formats, and so on.

This demand is only going to grow as time marches on so the financial planning sector would be wise to grab the bull by the horns as soon as they can and go with it. There may even be a silver lining so to speak; for those who are quick off the mark to start providing these types of services.

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