How I Do My Banking

by Donna J. Jodhan

There is no set way for a blind person to do their banking but here is how I do it: First, it is my preference not to use a banking machine. There are several talking banking machines in my area but I prefer to stay away from these. I go to the bank to do what most sighted persons use banking machines for; withdrawals and deposits. In addition, I go to the bank when I need to carry out electronic transfers. I use telephone banking for everything else.

I really like using the phone to conduct most of my banking business because I can do it from the comfort of my home, at my convenience, and in total privacy. I can do it at any time of the day and from anywhere. I do not use Internet banking because it is my preference not to do so. I know of several blind persons who use online banking but often time I find that the online banking facilities of some of our financial institutions are not very user friendly to blind persons. I receive my statements in braille and so I am able to keep tabs on my accounts.

Whenever I need to communicate with my investment adviser, I do so via email and he is very good at providing me with a lot of details in his emails. Whenever I need to have cheques written, I have my mom or a trusted friend do it or I go to the bank. I then use a signature guide to sign my name. My banking institution has also provided me with cheques that contain raised lines so that I can write my own cheques. The thing with this is however that I may not always know if my pen has enough ink in it and as a result I may sometimes write cheques that are difficult to decipher because of the faded ink.

There are companies that provide services to financial institutions so that customers can receive their statements in any of the following formats; braille, large print, or diskette. Visit to learn more.

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