Qwiki is a multimedia encyclopedia containing more than three million narrated, illustrated, interactive reference entries. To use Qwiki, enter a topic in the search box or select a topic from the "featured" list on the homepage. Then watch, listen, and read the Qwiki entry for that topic.

Below your chosen Qwiki you will see a selection of related entries. If you've got some vision, you can also find related materials by clicking the "Q" symbol that appears at the end of the Qwiki play bar.

Qwikis can be embedded into your blog or website, and as the wiki implies, registered users can suggest videos and images to improve the reference entries. In the future, registered users will be able to create their own Qwiki entries.

Qwiki could be a fantastic way for students to receive all kinds of information. For a lot of "standard" curriculum topics, Qwiki's entries provide a more engaging format for learning about those topics than that offered by textbooks.

Click this link to look up something with http://www.qwiki.com.


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