The tangiball

Once your child wraps his hands around this ball, he won’t want to put it down. With its nubby texture, crystalline brilliance and light vanilla scent, Tangiball stimulates all of the senses at once. Baby can squeeze it, squeak it, sniff it, roll it, and even kick it for gross motor development. 4" (10 cm) diameter from 12m – preschool (K)

Discovery Toys has been making the small tangiballs (described above) for a while now, but they just came out with these new ones that are bigger and… here’s the best part… they smell like strawberries!

The ball is big enough to roll back and forth on the floor or to even try to sit on, it’s bumpy and wonderful for desensitizing little fingers that may not like to touch things (it's great to help kids as they learn braille), it squeaks when you squeeze it, and it smells great! What a neat multi-sensory toy!

Click this link to purchase a small TANGIBALL.
Click this link to purchase the big TANGIBALL.


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