Add a DVD to Netflix Before Its Release

DVDlater lists all the movies in theaters so you can save them to your Netflix queue. Just find the movies you want to watch, click the add button and once the movie comes to Netflix it will automatically be moved to your DVD queue. You will never have to remember what movies to add to Netflix and never miss a must-see movie again.

You can use DVDLater in three easy steps:

  1. Browse the DVDLater selection often for new releases you would like to see on DVD.
  2. See a movie you want to rent? Click 'Save to Queue.'
  3. When the movie is released to Netflix, it will automatically be sent to you.

How it works:

  • The website updates as new movies come out to theaters or release new trailers. Check back whenever you see commercials, movie posters, trailers, anything that makes you think 'I want that on Netflix.'
  • DVDLater uses the Netflix API so new theatre releases can go straight to your queue. The hassle of remembering and searching is over.
  • Simply add the movies you want to see from your browser and it will automatically be saved to your queue.
  • DVDLater does not store any of your personal information. You only need to be logged into Netflix.
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