The Cobra Screen Reader

Bay Area Digital is pleased to announce the availability of the acclaimed Cobra Screen Reader as a product offering from the company. Written by Baum Retec AG of Germany, this is a full-function screen reader product. Baum has over 25 years of experience in writing screen reading software for Windows operating systems.

COBRA simplifies working with Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP for blind and visually impaired computer users. COBRA incorporates all standard functions of a modern screen reader in an environment also guaranteed for the future. COBRA prioritizes what it does on user's requirements and outputs this important information from the computer screen into speech, Braille or as a magnified form.

COBRA For Everybody!

There are 3 versions of COBRA:

  • COBRA Braille -- With this package, you get Braille and speech output from Cobra
  • COBRA Zoom -- With this package, you get speech output and screen magnification from Cobra
  • COBRA Professional -- With this package, Cobra provides you with all the user modes: Braille; speech; and the magnified screen. You can mix and match as you choose for any situation.

Integrated screen magnification

Also available as of COBRA 9.1 is a powerful screen magnification capability with the following features:

  • Magnification from 1x to 32x
  • Full screen or split screen views of the computer screen
  • Edge smoothing with automatic recognition of foreground and background colours
  • Optical aids such as highlighting of the cursor and focusing on borders and mouse pointer
  • Extra large mouse pointer that can be displayed in different colors ]

The current version of Cobra is available from Bay Area Digital. For more information, contact Bay Area Digital: (888) 881-1998 or (415) 217-6667. Also, you can purchase the product from their website at
They have created a Daisy version of the English-language Cobra 9.1 manual at
They have also made available a text-only English-language version of the 9.1 User manual at

Bay Area Digital LLC is an adaptive technology company working in the fields of health care and superior quality technology for the blind and visually impaired. They create their own products as well as carry superior products from other companies such as the Royal National Institute of Blind People. The company publishes a quarterly newsletter, Pulses, which is available free to anybody requesting it. Bay Area Digital is majority-owned by the blind and visually impaired.


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